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About Us

Welcome to Link4Love™ where we believe "Sometimes love is just a link away™".

Link4Love is where your social network of friends and family connect you to real people they know and feel are a good match for you. We know the web is full of countless online dating sites, each offering the opportunity to meet people and get dates (or flings and one-night stands). Very few, if any, offer the opportunity to meet people for long-term relationships. Yes, our team has experienced the typical online dating world and been disappointed, each time risking our safety to meet someone new...only to learn they don't look at all like their posted photo; they lied about their age, their marital status and approx 50% of their profile stats. Through this disappointment, Link4Love was born.

We believe one of the best ways to meet quality people is through your personal social network of family, friends and community members. That's where Link4Love sets itself apart. It lives up to its name by linking people through mutual connections to fine a compatible match, providing security and trust not available on other sites.

It's our mission to help you not just get dates, but find a happy long-term relationship through a safe and trusted network of your family and friends. When you do, you can easily switch your profile from Seeker to Matchmaker and return the favor to your other single friends. The best part? It's free to join!

If after all that, you'd prefer to have countless, pointless, meaningless dates with strangers, then please move along to the other dating sites. We'll be here for you when you're ready to find a real loving long-term relationship. Be safe out there and use good judgement!